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Why I Love a Preferred411 Member, or "P411," is a great site to join. There are so many things I love about it: As a sidenote: I do not require that you be a P411 member or have a reference. I do like references, however. This article is not about my screening process.

  • Booking & screening is a breeze. When you don't have to find the details of the provider you've last seen, contact her to ask permission for a reference, and then wait for the provider you are planning to see to make contact with your reference, you are able to make an appointment much easier and faster. This process can sometimes take 24-48 hours. But a P411 member, on the other hand, bypasses this whole process... because members have already been screened when they joined the site and the providers they've seen (only P411 members, of course) are listed in their profile. If you are a P411 member and you reach out to me, I can see your "okays," (the providers you've seen who are also P411 members). Those okays act as references, and I do not have to necessarily reach out to them. Those providers have to give the "okay" that they've seen you, through the user interface, and it is marked on your profile and theirs. That "okay" process is typically done sometime after you see the provider. Either the provider or you, the client, can send the "okay" request, and it is already marked and visible on both profiles, yours and theirs. So the next time you are ready to book with another provider, they only need to pull up your profile. They can see the last provider you've seen on Preferred411 and the date.

  • I know you are a discerning gentleman. You don't want to see just anyone; you want to see a verified companion who has been required to show I am the person in my photos, and my ID has been checked as well.

  • Newbies can access providers that require references. When you are completely new and have never met a companion, it can be challenging to find a provider who will meet with you; you find a reputable, high-class provider, and not surprisingly, she wants you to have a reference before planning a date with you. So what can you do? I would highly recommend joining P411. They are usually fast in their approval process. And there are so many providers (including myself) who will see a new member on P411, so it's perfect for a newbie. Another way you benefit from being a member: Discretion You only have to give your personal information one time. screens you when you initially sign up. That means that when you contact a provider on P411, they know you've already undergone screening, It shows initiative and that you care about providers' safety and comfort.

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