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An Erotic Story

It happens every every time you see me.

You get that urge. That feeling that swells inside you. That feeling you can't help.

You're always happy to see me, jogging down the street, wearing my skin-tight leggings that hug all the right places... outlining every inch of my body.

You try to pretend not to watch me. But I see your eyes. They're fixated on me as I wash my car.... on that pleasure spot between my thighs, the curve of my hips, the shape of my backside, plump and round like a peach in May.

I know, it's probably hard for you not to notice when I'm in a soaking-wet bikini. Especially for a warm-blooded male like yourself.

I bet it makes you want to "take the dog for a walk."

You try so hard to hide it. I'll give you credit for that.

You try to pretend you don't notice me. Barely look at me when I pull into the driveway. You just pray I don't come over and say hi to you. Because you don't want me to see just how "happy" you are to see me.

And you think I don't notice you peeking through your upstairs window. But I notice.

Or maybe it's just a coincidence. You probably just enjoy birdwatching on your lunch break... every day. You're certainly not spying on me while I'm working on my tan, admiring my dimples of Venus, how the sun casts a shadow down my lower back.

It would have to be my imagination if I felt your eyes outline my Brazilian-cut bikini.

To think that you've secretly been watching me, and long enough to know that 20 minutes into my sunbathing session I'll take off my bikini top... That would be presumptuous of me.

You are patiently waiting for Mr. and Mrs, Redbird to make their daily appearance, not my breasts, And when the beautiful pair do finally appear, you're not taking in my perky nipples, you're taking in the view of my towering sunflowers. I am most certain.

It's not that I'm trying to put on a show (wink, wink), I'm just trying to avoid those pesky tan lines. You would never imagine letting the bottle of white lotion drip down my body, just so you could rub me from top to bottom.

Not you, Mr. Polite Neighbor 💋

I could use an extra set of hands, though. A pair of hands that can reach all the right places.

Don't be shy, Neighbor.

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An Erotic Story

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