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Kindall Biloxi Escort 5_edited_edited_edited.jpg

I'm Kindall

What's a life worth living that doesn't include a little bit of connection? A little bit of fun? A little bit of pleasure? 


I am the cure for "all work and no play." The antidote to life's stresses, to pent-up testosterone inside you that's dying to be released.  

I am the type of woman who enjoys pleasure but also has the capacity to connect. 
The perfect pairing of Southern and sophistication, I always present myself with class and surround myself with those who do as well. My choice of dress is classy, feminine, and fairly modest.

When it comes to music, I enjoy a range of genres, but I listen to 80s rock most often. Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Journey, and Van Halen are on my playlists! 

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