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I'm Kindall

What's a life worth living that doesn't include a little bit of connection? A little bit of fun? A little bit of pleasure? 


I am the cure for "all work and no play." The antidote to life's stresses, to pent-up testosterone inside you that's dying to be released.  

I am the type of woman who enjoys pleasure but also has the capacity to connect. 
A perfect pairing of Southern and sophistication, I always present myself with class and surround myself with those who do as well. My choice of dress is classy and feminine. And my Southern accent is one of my most charming features. And I do happen to enjoy kissing... if that sort of thing interests you (wink wink).

I love 80s music. Really, all things 80s: the nostalgia, the way both films and music were made back then. When it comes to music, I enjoy a range of genres, but I listen to 80s rock most often. Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Journey, and Van Halen are on my playlists! 

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