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An Erotic Story

The Girl Next Door sure has a way of driving you Crazy! You pretend not to look, but I see you behind my designer sunglasses, "landscaping" those bushes 🌳🌳by your mailbox. But I know what you're doing... You just HAD to get a better view: me, bent over, getting this Dirty car clean 🫧 I'm getting wetter by the minute. And it's making your blood pressure rise. Your eyes make out my kitten-heeled 👡👡 sandals... my red triangle Bikini 👙 visible beneath my white tee. The fabric clinging to every curve as my Busty cleavage slides across the slick, wet surface. It's just too hard to look away... especially when my Hard nipples are pointing straight at you. I feel your eyes move down lower...

...on my Booty, tilted all the way to the sky 🌤️☀️ ...that Sweet spot between my legs, the outline showing through the Soaking-wet fabric. I'm stretching out as far as I can to reach every inch. An extra set of hands... or that high-powered soaker hose you love to use, I bet that would get the job done 💋 I'd love it if you came over to help 💋


I hope you enjoyed this playful erotic story!

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An Erotic Story

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